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June 19th, 2008


Tyler had his first art gallery opening on June 6. The gallery showcased his photos from his various mission trips. If you get a chance make your way to the Gallery on West Main and check it out. The gallery will be showing his work through July 6.102_1355 102_1349 102_1347 102_1351

Believers Church is excited to announce that God has allowed us to hire a new Worship and Creative Leader! Tanner Byrnes and Laura Baker will marry on July 19th, 2008 and beginning August 1st, Tanner and Laura Byrnes will join the staff of Believers. Tanner will be the Worship and Creative Leader (with Laura as his right hand “lady”). They will also be leading our college ministry.

Pastor Mike Oglesby has been serving, and doing a great job, as interim Worship Leader and he and Pastor Scott are thrilled with Tanner and Laura coming on board. Now Mike will be free to follow his passion as Pastor of Outreach and Evangelism.

Tanner is from Baker City, OR and Laura’s family was military and she lived in several places in the US, including living in Hinesville, GA and Graduating from Liberty High School.

Tanner and Laura both have just graduated from the New Life School of Worship in Colorado Springs. They are very excited about coming to Georgia to serve at Believers.

We are all looking forward to a great adventure together as God is adding to His vision and purpose for Believers Church, Statesboro, Bulloch County, and surrounding areas!

Get to know Tanner and Laura on Face Book: Tanner Byrnes / Laura Alyse Baker

Or My Space: Tanner / laur*alyse

Riding the Wave of God,

Pastor Scott

Tanner Byrnes and Laura Baker2