October 30th, 2008

ireallywant2change Hey Church,

We are doing a series in January called “”.

We will post an actual web page on the net called

In December and January we will have a media blitz and a word of mouth spreading to encourage people to check out

· The site will have testimonies of change in individual’s lives.

· A place for people to anonymously post what they would like to change in their lives.

· Videos of change.

· All six of the sermons from the series.

· And of course instructions to make real change in a person’s life (the plan of salvation).

This is a big undertaking and we need your help.

1) Most importantly I need your testimonies of change. Tell us how you saw that you needed change and then how you made the change. This can be any type of change. Spiritual change or physical change or things like ‘I wanted to learn how to cook so this is what I changed to make that happen’ or ‘I wanted to get a degree, so I went back to school’, etc. We are looking for any type of positive change stroy that will encourage others to make a positive change as well.

2) You can also send me anonymous statements of what you want changed in your life. We will post that for you or you can wait until the site is up and post it yourself.

3) We also need you to tell your friends and family about “”. We will have some flyers or post cards to hand out soon.

4) Pray! We really want to see people change their lives. So pray that they will go to the site and make a change for the better.

Check out some other church’s that have done this already at: “Change Testimony Form”

Name _________________________________________________ Date _____________________

What I changed in my life. _______________________________________________________________

This is my story:


Contact Information in case we have to clarify any part of your story.


Believers Church had my permission to post my story on their web site

(Your Signature) ______________________________________________________

Please submit to your change story to

Or turn it in at “The Welcome Center”

Mailing address: Believers Statesboro, P.O. Box 1240, Statesboro, GA 30459 “Anonymous Testimony Change Form”

I really want 2 change ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.


I really want to stop ___________________________________________________________________.


I really want to start ___________________________________________________________________.