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Healer “Celebration of Life Sunday” Believers Statesboro 07-29-12

Lori Grice: God healed Lori of cancer. The big “C” is not cancer. The big “C” is Christ.

1 Thess 5:23 May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. (NIV)

Lindy __________: When Lindy _____ was a single mother of 3 young children, working 2 jobs just to survive, she received the devastating news that she had cancer. But God was faithful and healed her as well!

Gerald and Lori Spoon: God healed Gerald of flesh eating disease and in the process brought the family back into Himself.

Ed Claxon: By the time I was 40 years old I had had 3 major back surgeries, each one approximately 10 years apart. After the third surgery I was told if I had another I would no longer be able to do my job as a logger, due to it being strenuous work. At this same time we were going to a Baptist church that was involved in church-wide prayer and fasting one day a month. On a Friday night, we met at the church to pray for people’s needs, much like we do here on Wednesday nights before the service. I had been fasting the whole week, something I had done before, even though I was in great pain. When it came time to go to the prayer meeting, I didn’t want to go because of the pain I was in. I went despite the pain and asked for prayer for my back. I was expecting God to heal me right at that moment, but He didn’t. Still in excruciating pain, I went to bed. The next morning I got up and realized that I was walking straight and without pain. God had healed me during the night. It has been approximatley15 years since that time without any back problems!

My second healing took place about two years ago. I am having trouble with the muscle in my right shoulder causing pain and burning. A cervical spine x-ray revealed bright spots on my third ribs, bilaterally. The spot on the left side measured 9 mm. The following Sunday, Pastor Scott called me down front, had the leaders of the church come down to pray, and anointed me with oil. A couple of weeks later the follow up CT scan showed no spots on either side of the ribs. Praise God, I was healed.

Norma Malone: God healed Norma from a mass on her right kidney. When the doctor showed it to her on the ultrasound she said, “This thing does not belong to me.” I took communion every day to remind myself who Jesus is and what He has done for me. Every Sunday and Wednesday, no matter what town we were vacationing in, I went to God’s house. Three times I went forward at church and was anointed with oil and prayed for. I prayed, I praised, I quoted healing scriptures, I took communion, I talked faith, I believed God to the best of my ability.

About a month after the original appointment I returned to the specialist for the CT scan. NOTHING. No mass. All was well. Jesus did it, and because of the love of the body of Christ, I was able to receive His wonderful healing grace. Someone touched God for me.

Ps 118:23 the LORD has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes. (NIV)


Wynn and Jude Pearson: When Wynn was pregnant with Jude– it was probably the lowest of lows in her life. She was 19, unmarried, pregnant, had no money and was not in a relationship with the father. Wynn said, “I was ashamed, sick all the time, and unstable emotionally.” To make matters worse, at thirty weeks her doctors realized her body was failing, separating from the fetus and she needed an emergency C-section in order for her or the baby to live! That’s when it happened. Instead of freaking out- she experienced this awesome presence of God like she had never felt before. She said, “It hit me and this crazy peace swept over my body and God said, “’Don’t worry.’”

Jude entered the world very pre-mature, weighing 2.lbs. 7 ounces. Wynn just looked at him and said, “His name will be Jude” and she was rolled away. Jude was in the IC unit for 10 weeks and he was the smallest baby in the IC unit, but the day he left to come home, Jude was the healthiest baby in the IC unit. He came home on his original due date and today is a very healthy awesome kid. Wynn said, “Although this was the lowest of low in my life physically, it was the greatest time spiritually! I had never felt God’s presence more than I had felt then and at that point. I had never before put my trust in Him and got to experience His presence. So this is why this is a story of the healing of my body, Jude’s body, and my soul. PRAISE JESUS!”

Brandi and Isaac Bittner: When Brandi was pregnant with Isaac he was diagnosed with Posterior Urethral Valves (PUV). They also said his kidneys were multicystic dysplastic and Brandi was encouraged to terminate her pregnancy. Brandi said, “I was told that his lungs would not be developed and that his kidneys would not work.” But Brandi believed it was God’s decision and not hers so she prayed for him every day (Norma and Diana were some of my prayer warriors for this situation). “When I went for my first ultrasound in Savannah, he had almost no amniotic fluid (which the baby needs for lung development) which is another reason I was encouraged to terminate because they said his lungs wouldn’t be developed and they didn’t know how long he had been low on fluid,” Brandi said. But when she was transferred to Augusta, his fluid amount was perfect, and they could not explain how he went from having almost no fluid to having plenty! That was a miracle in itself! Brandi was given no hope of Isaac surviving which is why he is named Isaac because one, Sarah laughed and two, because God made a promise to Abraham and Brandi believed that those same promises were for us today! For her and Isaac as well! Brandi said, “I was frequently reminded of the scripture that talks about asking your mountain to be moved in faith and it will be moved. I constantly read scripture and prayed.” When it was all said and done… God healed Isaac and he is a true miracle from God!

Declaring A Healing.

Monica Williams: The doctors told me I had MS in April. I will have another MRI in 6 months, around October or November. I believe that God has healed me. Our God is awesome and powerful beyond measure, regardless of what the doctors tell me or what I might feel in my body. I am healed. It says so in His Word. When Jesus came to earth, to bear our sins, He came with me in mind, me and countless others. He knew in His infinite wisdom that in the year 1975, I would be born. He knew every thought and deed I would commit all the days of my life. He knew a doctor would tell me about MS and He covered me in His Blood of salvation, redemption and perfection. I am healed by His wounds. The price was paid long before I was even a thought in a human’s mind. I am healed because Our God loves me. Now, no doctor has confirmed this and I have no clue when there will be scientific confirmation of my miracle. I was comforted today when the Spirit of the Lord told me that our timing is not God’s timing. All I need to concern myself with is the truth in the Word of God, knowing that when God promises you a thing, it will come to pass. He is not like us. So, I take comfort that I am healed and one day, doctors will support that and if they never do, that doesn’t change a thing. I was healed the moment I accepted the precious gift of salvation, and I give God all the glory and the praise. I love the way God works!

The Ultimate Healing

Angee Edenfield: On Jan 12, 2002, I found out that my oldest sister had kidney cancer. I began praying every day and we did everything we could to get her well; healing services, pills, drinks, food and every doctor we could see. But she passed away on April 23 of that same year.

I began to think that I didn’t pray or love my sister enough so that is why she had to die. It was a very hard time for me, a lot of tears and just missing her terribly. But in a dream one night I saw my sister Cindy and God. She asked me what was wrong and why was I crying. I told her that I just missed her so much. Then I asked God why didn’t He heal her? Were my prayers not enough? Then He wrapped His arms around me and said "I did heal her. Look at her. She is not hurting and can walk. She is healed.” So, even if it was not the way I wanted, God did heal her and she is living and well in Heaven! So even in death, He does heal and one day we will be together again.

The Meal That Heals:

1 Cor 11:24-25

24 and when He had given thanks, He broke it and said, "Take, eat; this is My body which is broken for you; do this in remembrance of Me."

25 In the same manner He also took the cup after supper, saying, "This cup is the new covenant in My blood. This do, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of Me." (NKJ)

Healer PIC

See you at Believers Church Sunday for week 2 of our “Celebration of Life Sunday”!

We will hear powerful testimonies from people who have been healed of cancer, flesh eating disease and several others. We will take Communion together and pray for those who are in need of healing.

This is also an exciting time in our Children’s Ministry as it is time to “Move On Up”! Sunday is student promotion Sunday!


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Join us Wednesday night for One Hour On Wednesday. We are doing a verse by verse Bible study on the life of Peter. We have something for everyone! Youth meet in the  “GARAGE” for lots of fun and learning and Believing Kids in the main building. Look forward to seeing everyone!

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Below are the sermon notes.

Healer Believers Statesboro 07-22-12

God Reveals Himself To Us As A Healer

Exodus 15:26 .…I am the LORD, who heals you. (NIV)

Deuteronomy 7:15 The LORD will keep you free from every disease… (NIV)

Psalms 41:3 The LORD will …restore him from his bed of illness. (NIV)

Isaiah 58:8 …your healing will quickly appear… (NIV)

Exodus 23:25 …I will take away sickness from among you, (NIV)

Healing Was A Sign That Jesus Was The Christ, The Messiah, And The Anointed One

Isaiah 53 and Isaiah 61. Jesus declared that he was the fulfillment of the Isaiah 61 text. (Luke 4:18-19)

This was how Jesus proved himself to John the Baptist.

Luke 7:20-22…."Go back and report to John what you have seen and heard: The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is preached to the poor. (NIV)

Peter preached that this was how God accredited Jesus as the Messiah and Christ.

Acts 2:22-24 “Men of Israel, listen to this: Jesus of Nazareth was a man accredited by God to you by miracles, wonders and signs, which God did among you through him, as you yourselves know…

Healing Is Also a Sign of The Messiah’s Church

Matthew 10:5-8 ….As you go, preach this message: ‘The kingdom of heaven is near.’ Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. (NIV)

(Luke 4:18-19)

We are not preaching the whole Gospel if we leave out divine healing.

The disciples prayed that God would confirm their ministry with signs and wonders.

Acts 4:29-30 Now, Lord, look on their threats, and grant to Your servants that with all boldness they may speak Your word, by stretching out Your hand to heal, and that signs and wonders may be done through the name of Your holy Servant Jesus." (NKJ)

How should the church respond to sickness?

James 5:13-16 …. Is any one of you sick?…. He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer offered in faith will make the sick person well; the Lord will raise him up. If he has sinned, he will be forgiven…

Gifts of Healing are listed as one of the nine gifts of the Spirit in 1 Corinthians 12.

· Jesus used gifts of healing to heal a leper, Matt. 8:1-3, and to heal multitudes of others, Matthew. 14:14.

· Jesus opened blind eyes, Mark 10:46-52.

· Paul spoke and a crippled man walked, Acts 14:10.

· Paul demonstrated Gifts of healing, Acts 19: 11-13.

God is concerned about our wholeness in spirit, soul, and body. 1 Thessalonians 5:23 May God himself, the God of peace, sanctify you through and through. May your whole spirit, soul and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. (NIV)

Paul’s prayer for the saints was this: 3 John 1:2 Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well. (NIV)

Healing Evangelism

“Divine Healing is the Dinner Bell to Salvation, Keep ringing the bell.” Raymond T. Richey

Disciples Commissioned to preach and pray for healing.

Mark 6:7-13 Calling the Twelve.

Luke 10:1-2 & 9 The Lord appointed seventy-two others.

Mark 16:14-20 The Eleven .…Then the disciples went out and preached everywhere, and the Lord worked with them and confirmed his word by the signs that accompanied it. (NIV)

The disciples taught us. Matthew 28:19-20 ….teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you…

The Scope of Healing

Psalms 103:2-5 (NIV) Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits– who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion,

who satisfies your desires with good things so that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

This verse is true but we know that everyone in the world doesn’t get forgiven even though all sin can be forgiven. The same is true for healing. All may not be healed, but the Lord can heal all diseases.

The Basis for Healing

Exodus 34:10 “Then the LORD said: "I am making a covenant with you. Before all your people I will do wonders never before done in any nation in all the world. The people you live among will see how awesome is the work that I, the LORD, will do for you.” (NIV)

Hebrews 8:6 “But the ministry Jesus has received is as superior to theirs as the covenant of which he is mediator is superior to the old one, and it is founded on better promises.” (NIV)

The New Covenant

1 Corinthians 11:25 In the same way, after supper he took the cup, saying, "This cup is the new covenant in my blood; do this, whenever you drink it, in remembrance of me." (NIV)

Isaiah 53:4-5 Surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrows, yet we considered him stricken by God, smitten by him, and afflicted. But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed. (NIV)

Matthew 8:16-17 When evening came, many who were demon-possessed were brought to him, and he drove out the spirits with a word and healed all the sick. This was to fulfill what was spoken through the prophet Isaiah: "He took up our infirmities and carried our diseases." (NIV)

1 Peter 2:24 He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed. (NIV)

The basis for healing is in Christ Jesus and the Covenant He has established with His people.

  • The Lord heals not because we are good, but because of what Jesus did.

· God doesn’t heal because He loves one person more than another. He heals based on the works of Christ Jesus!

Community Group and Family Devotional Questions

  1. Do you have a personal healing testimony or do you know someone who has been healed? Share.
  1. According to James 5, what is our responsibility or what should our response to sickness be?
  1. How can healing be used as a form or evangelism?
  1. What is the basis for healing? Explain and discuss.
  1. In light of God being our healer and the church being called to be a healing church, why do you think that people don’t pray for the sick or for personal healing more often?


July 19th, 2012

We have been ZAPPED!!!  This past week was jam packed with VBS FUN!  Families joined together to learn and worship.  The week’s verse came from 2 Peter 1:3 – “God’s power has given us everything we need to lead a godly life.”  And each night there was a main focus – 1) God wants to do something with me that’s bigger than just me; 2) I have to keep depending on God’s power in my life; 3) What is important to Jesus should be important to me; 4) When things get hard, don’t forget what you know.  Believers Church had a blast!!  The skits were entertaining, the messages were powerful, the crafts were fun, the games were challenging, and the competitions were exciting!!  As part of the competition, teams raised money for our Back to School Bash.  Proudly we exceeded last year’s total of $600 and raised $841.34!!!  Way to go Believers Church!!  We are already looking forward to next year!  


The healing ministry of Jesus was motivated by compassion. Matthew 14:14 says, “…he had compassion on them and healed their sick.” During this “Healer” series we will be looking to Jesus’ compassion and mercy to heal not only our souls, but our physical bodies as well. This Sunday we will see that healing was a sign that Jesus was the Christ, The Messiah, and healing is also a sign of the Messiah’s Church!

We will discover that the basis for healing is not someone’s merit or goodness. The basis for healing is in Christ Jesus and the Covenant He has established with His people. The Lord heals not because we are good, but because of what Jesus did. God doesn’t heal because He loves one person more than another. He heals based on the works of Christ Jesus!

Join us Sunday, 7-22-12, at 9 or 11, with prayerful expectation of what God is going to do for you and for others. Begin to fast and pray, as many of us are, that this will not just be a “Healer” series, but the beginning of a “Healing Movement”!

Will also be baptizing this Sunday, so if you aren’t already on the list and you want to be, give us a call, or just show up with your towel, non-white shorts and tee-shirt and join in on the greatest celebration of them all!


BP&W Mercy Believers Statesboro 07-15-12

(Portions adapted from a devotional by Mark Batterson of National Community Church)

Listen & Watch online at

Rom 12:1-3 Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God– this is your spiritual act of worship. Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is– his good, pleasing and perfect will. For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the measure of faith God has given you. (NIV)

Ps 103:2 Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits–(NIV)

Worship is living in a state of constant gratitude.

Even when we do something wrong we have something to be grateful for: Mercy!


Romans 12:1 says, “….in view of God’s mercy, offer your bodies as living sacrifices…” (NIV)

The prerequisite to worship is mercy.

Next Step: This week I will remember and think about the mercies of God shown to me.

The Logic of Worship

Romans 12:1 “Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God — this is your spiritual act of worship.”

The KJV says that offering ourselves as living sacrifices is our “reasonable act of service.” Nothing is more reasonable or more logical than worship.

Anything less than all-out worship is totally illogical. Worship is sanity.

Blaise Pascal, the 17th century French Philosopher said it this way, “There are only two classes of persons who can be called reasonable: those who serve God with all of their hearts because they know him and those who seek God with all of their hearts because they do not know him.”

The Bad Exchange

Jeremiah 2:11-12 Has a nation ever changed its gods? (Yet they are not gods at all.) But my people have exchanged their Glory for worthless idols. Be appalled at this, O heavens, and shudder with great horror," declares the LORD. (NIV)

Anything less than all-out worship of God is shocking to those that are in heaven and have the full revelation of who God is.

C.S. Lewis said, “We are half-hearted creatures fooling around with drink and sex and ambition when infinite joy is offered us…”

Next Step: This week I will exchange the worship of worthless idols to the worship of God.

Reproduced Illusions

The Irish Philosopher, George Berkeley: “To be is to be perceived.”

Our perception of ourselves is based on others perception of us. To a large extent, we become who other people think we are. Psychologists call it “the looking-glass self.”

We live up or live down to the expectations of others! Romans 12:2 says, “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world.” In other words, don’t live down to the world’s standards. Live up to God’s standard.

There never has been and never will be anyone like you.

Romans 12:3 For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the measure of faith God has given you. (NIV)

Conformity is living down. Worship is living up.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecies

In a sense, all of us are self-fulfilling prophecies. We all live up or live down to our own expectations and the expectations of others.

Romans 12:2 says, ….be transformed by the renewing of your mind…

The Message translation of Romans 12:2 says, ….fix your attention on God…

That’s what worship is. You stop focusing on what’s wrong with you and you start focusing on what’s right with God.

The Throne

In his book, The Air We Breathe, Louie Giglio says, “So how do you know what you worship?

It’s easy. You simply follow the trail of your time, your affection, your money, and your allegiance. At the end of the trail you’ll find a throne; and whatever or whoever is on that throne is what’s of highest value to you. On that throne is what you worship.”

Next Step: This week I will follow the trail of my time, affection, money, and allegiance to determine what is of highest value to me.

What’s on the throne of your life?

Whatever you value most will ultimately determine who you are.

You were wired to worship someone so much bigger and so much better than you.

Don’t settle for anything less!

Community Group or Family Devotional Questions

1. Share some of the thoughts that you wrote in your Gratitude Journal.

2. If the prerequisite to worship is truly mercy, what are some of the ways God has been merciful to you?

3. We said that anything less than all-out worship is totally illogical. Worship is sanity.

Are you sane or illogical?

4. Our perception of ourselves is often times based on others’ perception of us. Are you living down to others’ expectations or living up as an act of worship?

5. If you follow the trail of your time, your affection, your money, and your allegiance, at the end of the trail you’ll find a throne; and whatever or whoever is on that throne is what’s of highest value to you. On that throne is what you worship. What is on your throne?


Last week Pastor Dan asked you to keep a gratitude journal where you found something every day for which to be grateful. How did you do with that assignment? Did it change your perspective on some things? Hopefully it helped you realize that your focus determines your reality. If you look for things to be grateful for we don’t have to look far. Worship is living in a state of constant gratitude. Even when we do something wrong we have something to be grateful for-MERCY! Join us this week at 9 a.m. or 11 a.m. for the conclusion of our Biblical Praise & Worship series.

Also, we are kicking off VBS Sunday evening!

Sign up online by going to the link below. Bring your family and get ZAPPED!

vbs Was

vbs Was 

Who is ready to be ZAPPED??  We are less than a week away from our Family Vacation Bible School, a chance for families to come together to learn about the life of Peter.  Please take a few minutes to pre-register and invite your neighbors to join the fun.  And do not forget the PENNY WAR!!  If you did not participate last year, the Penny War is an opportunity to raise money for the Back to School Bash.  Lift the couch cushions, dig between the car seats, and empty your pockets.  Each team will compete for the most money in weight.  The pennies will be weighed each night, and points will be awarded to the team with the “heaviest” pockets.  Get ZAPPED!! 

Register online by clicking the link below:

Peter Promo

One Hour on Wednesday is back this week. Join us from 7-8 p.m. as we study the life and teachings of Peter!

YOUTH will meet in the Garage for worship and fun! Don’t miss this worship opportunity.


BP&W So You Had A Bad Day Believers Statesboro 07-08-12—Sermon Notes –Listen online at!

(Portions adapted from a devotional by Mark Batterson of National Community Church)

Your Focus Determines Your Reality

Vicki Medvec, a professor at Northwestern University studied Olympic medalists and she discovered that Bronze medalists were happier than Silver medalists. Silver medalists tended to focus on how close they came to winning gold so they weren’t satisfied with silver. Bronze medalists tended to focus on how close they came to not winning a medal at all so they were just happy to be on the medal stand.

“The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.” John Milton

· We all can find something good to focus on even in the worst of circumstances.

· We all can find something bad to focus on even in the best of circumstances.

I think there are two basic types of people in the world: complainers and worshipers.

· Complainers can always find something to complain about.

· Worshipers can always find something to praise God about.

A worshiper makes a pre-decision to look for something to praise God about even in the direst of circumstances.

Bad Day

Acts 16:22 The crowd (a mob) joined in the attack against Paul and Silas, and the magistrates ordered them to be stripped and beaten. (NIV)

Acts 16:25 About midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing hymns to God, and the other prisoners were listening to them. (NIV)

Zoom Out

Spiritual or emotional slumps are usually caused by zooming in on a problem.

Zooming out to get some perspective is often the attitude changer.

What’s the best way to zoom out? Worship.

Worshiping is taking our eyes off of our external circumstances and focusing on God.

· We stop focusing on what’s wrong with us or with our circumstances.

· We start focusing on what’s right with God.

One of the purest forms of worship is praising God even when you don’t feel like it because it shows God that your worship isn’t based on circumstances.

Worship is based on the fact that GOD IS WORTH IT!


“Everything can be taken from a man or a woman but one thing: the last of human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances…” Victor Frankl

Paul and Silas were in prison. Their bodies were chained. But their choice to worship set off a chain reaction.

Your internal attitudes are more important than your external circumstances.

Next Step: I choose to have a positive internal attitude, no matter what the external circumstances may be.

Premeditated Cognitive Commitments

“You can never solve a problem on the level which it was created.” Albert Einstein

Problems created on a human plane are solved on the supernatural plane. That’s what happens when we worship God. It changes the spiritual atmosphere.

Worship sets the stage for miracles! Worship causes spiritual earthquakes that can change the topography of your life.

Worship is the way we stay positive in negative circumstances.

The key is focusing on the right reality!

We let what’s wrong with us keep us from worshiping what’s right about God.

In her book, Mindfulness, Ellen Langer says that all of us have “premeditated cognitive commitments.” Translation: we tend to see what we’re looking for.

· A pessimist will always see something bad in a good situation.

· An optimist will always see something good in a bad situation.

Eight premeditated cognitives

Phil 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable– if anything is excellent or praiseworthy– think about such things. (NIV)

A worshiper always finds something to praise God for because they’re looking for something to praise God for.

Next Step: I choose to focus on what’s right about God, instead of what’s wrong with my circumstances.


When the circumstances you complain about become chains that imprison you, worship is the way out. It was worship that set Paul and Silas free physically. It’s worship that will set you free emotionally and spiritually. Worship sets off a chain reaction. The prison doors fly open. The chains break free.

Are there circumstances that you’re allowing to imprison you?

Have your complaints about someone or something become chains?

Stop focusing on what’s wrong about you or your circumstances.

Start focusing on what’s right about God.

Here’s an assignment. Keep a gratitude journal this week. Find something everyday to be grateful for. It’s a spiritual discipline.

Ps 103:2 Praise the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits–(NIV)

Next Step: I will keep a gratitude journal this week and find one thing every day to be grateful for.

In the words of the hymn: “Count your blessings. Name them one by one. Count your many blessings. See what God has done.”

Community Group or Family Devotional Questions

1. Do you tend to be a complainer or a worshiper?

2. What circumstance or situation in your life right now, seems to imprison you? Can you worship

yourself free?

3. What problems are you zooming in on, instead of zooming out and getting the big picture?

4. What have you written in your gratitude journal this week?

5. Give me five blessings in your life that are worthy of praise and worship to God.


Do you have a problem? A Trial you are facing? This week we will look at the glory and grandeur of God. Our hope is that once we have seen a small aspect of HIS glory then our problems will seem small in comparison and that it will inspire true worship.


Join us at Believers Church this Sunday at 9 a.m or 11 a.m.