ETSB Blues Washed away BLOGIs it alright if I say that it saddens me when we come to the end of a series?  Is it strange to be “sad” that a series on overcoming sadness or the blues is coming to an end?  (Ha-ha)  It feels sort of like the sadness  you feel when an old friend moves to a new city.  It’s been good and we hate to see it end.  We have really enjoyed learning what God’s Word says about Escaping the Statesboro Blues during this series.  We will conclude the series this Sunday by recapping what we have learned, and then I will give you “Seven Things To Do Every Day to Escape the Statesboro Blues”

This is Baptism Sunday as well, so if you want to be water baptized, let us know.  Join us this Sunday 1.31.16 at 9 or 11 a.m.  for “Blues Washed Away.”


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