Our 2016 theme at Believers Church was “Surf’s Up!”  Riding the Wave of God Together.  On May 6th, we celebrated riding the wave of God for 15 years.  Our Life Group theme this year was “Better Together” centered around a beach theme as well.  So, we thought it appropriate to end this year with a very “Beachy Christmas!”

Besides, I’m tired of dreaming of a white Christmas!  It’s probably not going to happen in south east Georgia!  Now, I had to chuckle at the thought that as soon as we decided to have a Believers Beach Christmas, it will probably snow!  Well, we will see.

So pull up a beach chair with me and join us this Sunday at Believers Beach.  Let’s bask in the sun, drink a lemonade and talk about the Christmas story!  We begin this week, 12-04-16, at 9 and 11 with “Me and My Drum.”