There are a lot of good prayers in the Bible.  There are a lot of good examples of how to pray and I love them all, but there is only one prayer in the Bible that Jesus tells us directly to pray, saying this is how I want you to pray.  We find it in Matthew 6:9-13 and we refer to it as The Lord’s Prayer.

It would seem that the Lord’s Prayer, this old classic, has lost a lot of its popularity in our day and time.

However, The Lord’s Prayer, is still powerful and covers every aspect of our lives where we need the Lord’s help and blessings.

The title of this series is taken from Mark Rutland’s book, :21 Seconds To Change Your World, which I recommend.  This title comes from the fact that it only takes about 21 seconds to say the prayer at a moderate rate.

But this 21 Second Prayer Jesus taught us will change us and change our world.

So, don’t forget to set your clock’s back Saturday night, invite a friend, and join us Sunday at 9 or 11 a.m for this new series! Our Newcomer’s Social is also on Sunday after each service, so make a plan to stay and enjoy refreshments and find out more about Believers!

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