First Serve

Can you imagine having to sign a six-month to a year lease on a new car, just so that you could drive it to see if you like it?  Wouldn’t it be preferred to just take it for a 45-minute test drive first?

Even most cell phone companies offer you 2 –4 weeks to try your phone out before you are stuck with it for 2 years!

Often times, you don’t volunteer to help in a ministry because you don’t know if you would really like it or not.  Right?  You don’t want to commit a year or more to something that you don’t like.

So at Believers, we offer you First Serve, short-term serving opportunities offered at a variety of times and tapping into a wide range of skills and areas of interest.

Take a ministry on a “test drive”.  Come check it out and see if you like it.  No strings attached.

Serve in one of our ministries for 30 days or 4 meeting periods to see if it’s your “fit”.  Every ministry has a different rotation schedule; therefore, a scheduled serving time can be worked out with the ministry leader.

To First Serve in a Ministry or to find our more, e-mail

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