This Sunday, at 9 and 11 a.m., we will begin an 8-week teaching series on X-Formational Worship.  During this series, we want you to discover X-Formation through the power of Praise and Worship! This series is so important; we have invited a special guest to join us! God, who is Holy, wanted to arrange a way for unholy mankind to meet with Him. In the last four words of Exodus 30:6, “where I will meet with you.”, God explains his whole intent and purpose for worship. God was and is saying, “I want to meet with you, and I believe you want to meet with me, therefore proper worship will be the pathway for my children to meet with Me.”

Why are we going to spend the next eight weeks talking about worship?

Because we want you to meet with God.

We look forward to introducing this series and our Special Guest to you this Sunday.


We are being transformed into the image of Christ Jesus!  Not only that, but we are learning that our finances can also be transformed from curse to blessed, because our heart is being transformed.


Have you ever had one of those crazy dreams when you suddenly find yourself back in school and the teacher asks you, “Are you ready to take the test”?  You have no idea what subject or class you are in, so you reply, “What test?”


This Sunday, March 11, we will be talking about the X-formation Test, and some of you might be saying, “What Test?”


The Bible teaches us that every time we get paid we are taking a test.  Join us as we learn to pass this text with honors!


I've been thinking a lot about hope lately. There seems to be so little of it these days. It can feel like everything in life is working against us. Our world is inundated with one tragedy after another. Our society seems bound and determined to become as vulgar and self-centered as possible. Common ground is getting harder and harder to find, even among those who are brothers and sisters in Christ. We can point to a reason to let go of our hope everywhere we look. We can find ample reason to stop trying.

 The truth is that hope is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. There is not, nor will there ever be, a time when confidence wanes, because our hope is in Jesus Christ. He can't change; therefore our hope doesn't change. We have hope even if when we don't feel hope. That is why the apostle Paul tells us that we don't live by sight, but by faith (2 Corinthians 5:7). Our feelings will lie to us, but God's Word will tell us the truth. Our eyes, our own understanding, they are liars too. We have to look at all the ugliness around us and stand defiantly against it, shouting, " Yes, but my God is in control."

Our hope is not in this world. It isn't in this country or a political party. It's not even in our families and friends. Everyone and everything can and will let us down. Our hope lies nowhere else but the with the Creator of All. We must make the conscious decision to put our faith in the only Solid Rock. Believe me; I know how daunting that is. I know how terrifying it is to put one foot in front of the other when you can't see how your situation can end well. I encourage you to do it all the same. God can't fail you. God himself, the One who thought the constellations into existence, knows your name. That gives me hope.

Amy de la Cruz



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