Building Fund



How can I be apart?

Friends and Financial Supporters:

  • Consider giving a cash donation to help with this project. We would like to borrow as little as possible and be debt free as soon as possible. Your gifts will help us do that.
  • Pray and ask the Lord what He would have you do.
  • Keep Believers Church in your prayers as we strive to please God in all that He has called us to do.

Believers Church Members:

  • Tithe your resources. You honor God with your material resources by following the Biblical instructions to give 10% of your earnings as unto the Lord.
  • Give one week’s salary into the building fund each year. You will essentially be working one full week for God and the completion of all three phases of this project. These offerings will move us toward our goal of being debt free.
  • Each year give a gift above your tithes and offerings. Ask God for creative ways to increase your gift. Involve the whole family in raising a specific amount.
  • We are looking for 100% participation from our members. We believe in: Equal Sacrifice, not Equal Giving.

Can I honor a loved one?

…with my gift or give in memory of a friend or family member?

Yes, we have a special plaque in the church lobby for gifts of $1000.00 or more given to honor a friend or relative or for gifts given in memory of a loved one who has gone to be with the Lord. These plaques have the name of the gift giver and the one being honored or memorialized

This Week's Events
  • Sunday - March 18, 2018