We Believe

We believe God loves all people. He is for you and not against you. He has a hope and a future plan for your life.

We believe life should consist of more than drowning in a sea of mediocrity.

We believe life in Christ is abundant, joyful, and exciting.

We believe Church should be like a family; a safe place of love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

We believe in encouraging every person to discover, develop, and excel in Gods perfect will for their lives.

We believe that Jesus’ teachings are relevant for the 21st century.

We believe the Holy Spirit will manifest His presence in an atmosphere of truth, sincerity, and purity.

We believe that God hears people when they pray and reveals Himself to those who seek Him.

We believe that attending church should be enjoyable.

We believe that a church serves its community and world, and should not be seen as having its hand out to get from the community.

We believe that we are commissioned to reach people for Christ Jesus and teach them the truths in God’s word.

We believe that Jesus can be celebrated and honored in a real way.

We believe in equipping every believer to care for and minister to others with the talents and gifts that God has given them.

We believe in authentic Christianity. No pretense — Jesus is real!

This Week's Events
  • Sunday - March 18, 2018